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A Senior Service

Here to Help You

Shift Your Lifestyle

You’ve done so much. Worked hard. Raised the kids and helped others raise theirs. Been there for others. Now it’s your time. Yet, discovering what you want to do and love to do always seems to take a back seat to what you 'have to do.'  

We're your go-to team to help you answer the life shift questions that arise, get the to-dos done and help you focus on living a life you love as a senior.

Here's what a 'day in your life' could look like with Lagniappe Concierge.

8:00a - Morning motivation wake-up call 

10a - Virtual fitness class

10:30a transportation pick-up to your 

Services: Text
Services: Services

Tech First


Organized + In

You're a technology novice ready to learn all the advantages tech can bring to improve your daily life

You're ready to learn more but that means you have to make room by doing less in some other areas

You're ready to let go of the chores of life and shift your focus to purposeful living in your everyday

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